2022 Giving Event, November 10th 2022

The 100ADA 2022 Event was a huge success!

Thanks to all who gave and learned about these wonderful non-profits.

Boise Angels took home $20,000 and all the other non-profits were awarded $2,000 each.

Spring Giving Event 2019, June 5th 2019

2019 100 ADA Spring Event Winners Canine Companions were awarded $17,400. The remaining nonprofits were all awarded $2,250 at the Idaho Botanical Gardens!

Fall Giving Event 2018, October 17th, 2018

2018 100 ADA Fall Event Winners The Jesse Tree Of Idaho was awarded $15,900. The money awarded went towards helping families in Ada County afford housing and prevent homelessness! 

Spring Giving Event 2018, April 26th, 2018 

Due to the generosity of our members, #100ADA was able to donate $15,600 to Feed The Gap, an Ada County nonprofit focused on systematically ending childhood hunger in Idaho

This was an amazing event with great people in attendance. All of our nominated nonprofits walked away with donations! Thank you, thank you

Fall Giving Event 2017, September 7th, 2017

2017 100ADA Fall Giving Event 2017 was awarded to Catch, Inc. They were awarded $15,200 to help homeless people transition in the Ada County area. City Councilman Scot Ludwig hosted for an amazing outdoor event!

Spring Giving Event 2017 April 20th, 2017

KIVI April 21st, 2017 

By : Lacy Darrow

The Jayden Deluca Foundation is $18,400 richer after Thursday night, thanks to an event that proves when a lot of people get together and give a little, it can pay off in a big way.

The premise behind the idea is simple. At least 100 people, with $100 a piece, gather for dinner; they hear presentations from several local charities; and then vote to see which one will win the total pool of money.

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Fall Giving Event 2016 September 22nd, 2016

KIVI September 22nd, 2016 

By: Lacey Darrow

100+ People Who Care Ada County is the first charity event of its kind here in the Treasure Valley, and the premise behind it is very simple. At least 100 people with $100 a piece gather for a dinner. The dinner is provided free of charge by outside sponsors. There they hear short presentations from five different non-profits and then the same 100 people get to vote on the non-profit they would like to see be given a total of $10,000.

"At the end of the evening we will award the money to the winner," said Ceo of 100+ People Who Care Ada County Lynn Bradescu.

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